What To Pack First When Moving?

Pack First

Are you planning to move houses? Excited about it? But does the thought of moving your furniture and other belongings overwhelm you? Then this blog can be helpful for you. We have compiled an efficient guide on what to pack first and how to carry out the job productively.

Yes, moving houses and starting a new beginning can be exciting stuff. But what’s not so compelling is the actual job of packing and moving. Out of all, getting started has been considered the most challenging part of the process.

Although, with the help of a productive packing guide and sketching out a plan in advance, you can make the whole process calmer, less stressful, and highly efficient. So, pick up a pen and paper and note down where to start:

Essential Tips Before Packing

Before diving into packing for moving into your new dream house, some considerations should be dealt with before starting to pack. Here is a list of valuable tips that you must remember and take care of for a more productive and hassle-free moving experience. Start with:

Make a List of Essentials to Move

To dodge any overwhelming feelings that come from moving, make sure to start with a list of all the things to see how much work you are in for. The list can be something like this:

  • Include everything you own
  • Divide it into categories to be packed
  • Make a list of what should be packed first and what can wait till last

Get Rid of the Unnecessary

As you live in a house for years, you might develop a tendency to hoard things. But when it comes to moving, it is almost impractical to move every unnecessary hoarding. So before making a list of what needs to go first, make a list of what you need to get rid of. Donate or discard any unnecessary stuff you won’t be needing in your new house.

Hire Professionals

Depending on all your belongings and the size of your furniture, you must also consider hiring professional moving services for a secure and efficient moving experience. It would be ideal if you also thought about the best time to move. This can significantly impact the cost and ease of your move.

Have the movers come to your house and analyze the number of belongings they will have to move. Depending on this, they will give you a quote, and you can proceed further from there.

This should be done before you start packing so you can clearly assess what and how to pack for the movers to work efficiently. This will also give you an idea of how securely you must pack, relying on their delicacy.

Which Item to Pack First?

Now move to which item should be packed first with the checklist being done. This is important to plan because it will give you a clear direction, opens and cleanses your mind with a directive, and keeps your nerves from being overwhelmed.

Without a clear guide of where to start, you can also fall into the pit of procrastination. This guide will give you a hint of where to start.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Decluttering and Packing Storage Stuff

Your garage, attic, or underground rooms are the best places to start with. These usually are where all the storage item and clutter is kept away. This is the biggest hassle and should be tackled as a priority. It might also take the longest, so the earlier it’s done, the better. These things can be packed away in advance because there is a very thin probability of their usage needs rising. On top of that, they must also be in boxes, all ready to be put away quickly.

You might also need to take some of your furniture apart before moving. It might seem hard at first, but with the right disassembling furniture tips, you’ll be able to get it done quickly and easily.

Packed Out of Purpose Clothes

Another thing that must already be packed away in boxes and won’t be coming in interim use during the moving time should be packed away out of purpose or our of season clothes. They must also have been packed away in boxes since the last season, so all you have to do is shuffle through the stuff, recheck them, and get done with the job efficiently.

Pack Away Cutlery

We are sure that there’s a significantly thin probability of you hosting any parties amidst moving. So the following item to pack away is china and cutlery. All the cutlery sets can be packed in boxes and packed away in advance without any hassle. Leave the last essential plates, spoons, dishes, and glass for personal use, and pack all the delicate cutlery in boxes with a warning sign for extra care.

Embellishing Pieces

After cutlery, if there is something else that won’t be coming into use while moving, it is the decorative pieces around the house. Then again, you won’t be hosting parties amidst moving, right? So there’s no need to keep them hanging till the last moment. These can be delicate pieces that require extra care while being packed away. So take your time carefully packing decorative pieces around the house and label their boxes for extra care warning.

Personal Belongings

At the last moment, start packing your personal belongings. These can be knick-knacks around the house that you will need to gather but cannot leave behind because of emotional needs. Pack them first and carefully, so nothing is left behind. Make a list of all the personal things from souvenirs, diaries, and emotionally attached toys to any gifts around the house, and then pack them with care.

Towels and Extra Linens

Leave towels and linen packings for the last, because these items are in use till the last moment. Leave the last using towel and sheet out to be used, and pack all the extra ones you won’t be using carefully.


Last but surely not the least is packing away books. Collect all the scattered books from around the house and carefully pack them away in boxes. This usually takes the least time because you only have to pile them up and tape the box. If you want, leave one or two for your leisure time in the end.


So now that you have seen the list, you can see that it can get challenging at first. But with a clear directive and a guide, everything can be achieved.

Have a smooth moving experience!

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