7 Crucial Things To Know When Moving To NYC For The First Time

Moving To NYC

New York, the city that never sleeps…The city of dreamers!

New York is the world’s most fantastic city, packed with the most delightful foods and amusing entertainment. It is the city where dreamers come with the hope of fulfilling their dreams. The pleasant weather, luminous lights and picturesque views never fail to attract people’s attention. The city has a charm that can win many hearts because there is no place better than it on the planet.

If you have plans about moving to NYC, remember you will take some time to get used to this city, especially if you are coming from a smaller town or city. Well, the thought of the city makes us excited; how about the idea of living there? Yes, it will drive us crazy for sure! Don’t limit your craziness; pack your bags, because lots of fun and entertainment awaits you! Do not forget to check packing and storing tips as well. It can save you from a lot of trouble. 

This article has compiled a list of 7 points you should know before moving to NYC. So, without waiting any longer, let’s get in!

1.    Visa Requirements

If you are not an American and planning to move to the big city such as New York, the first obvious thing is that local moving would be much easier. Undoubtedly, it is the most difficult step you will be taking. For example, if you are working somewhere in the company outside the US and its office is in NYC, then as an employee, you can apply for an intra-company transfer visa.

Your life will become easy, and moving to NYC will be straightforward if you already have a job lined up. If your company is large, there are good chances for you to easily get a visa as these companies have immigration lawyers at their disposal to guide you about the entire process better. If you decide to apply alone, then be prepared to tackle the situation because the process is not easy, and you will want to hire your immigration attorney.

2.    New York is Expensive

You probably would have heard that most people living in New York have roommates; why? Because the living cost in this city is insane! It is not about housing; you will get higher bills in this city, including entertainment, groceries and alcohol. While moving here, you will see your budget is increasing substantially. So, always be prepared to expect high monthly bills and before moving, make a plan accordingly to work better in the city without any problem. 

3.    Public Transport is Must

You might be surprised to know that many New York households don’t own a car. Generally speaking, having a car in New York means meeting a big hassle. Free parking is a big challenge in neighborhoods such as Manhattan and other denser parts. In the evening, you will spend 30 minutes searching for a parking spot.

Even if you find one, you cannot leave the spot for long. In this city, side parking means you have to move your vehicle from one side of the street once or twice a week. And after a few days, you will have to move it back. This is not just inconvenient but also pretty annoying to residents. Without a car, you can be free with insurance, gas, loan and maintenance costs that are higher because you are already running with a high budget.

4.    Rapid Changing Seasons

While the winters are freezing and windy in New York, the summer seasons are also very hot and humid, it may even appear on estimate moving costs. At the same time, spring and fall are the most pleasant seasons. Despite the extreme tendencies of the seasons, you will enjoy all four seasons to the best. Enjoy watching the changing of the season, specifically in Central Park.

When it comes to rainy days, it pours, so never forget to get an umbrella in this city where unexpectedly it can start raining. Occasionally, you may have watched the news about the canceling or delaying of trains or flights for hours because of a heavy snowstorm.

5.    Feel Your Life like a Movie

Films, shows or movies that have been filmed in New York may not have fully represented real life, and the city exactly looks like it looks in movies. The reason is that many films and shows are filmed in the city’s restaurants, bars, streets and coffee shops.

Many famous iconic spots or movie locations from TV shows encourage tourists to visit. While walking through the city streets or having a coffee in any shop, you will feel familiar with the spaces you have seen characters in a movie. Many buildings in NYC have been featured in various films that may remind you of your favorite movie.

If you are a keen movie or show watcher, you will be glad to know that you can live in the filmy places and visit those places where your favorite character once played their roles.

6.    Indulge in the Food Heaven

NYC is the center of many different people from different backgrounds and cultures. So, it is no surprise you will experience a different taste of food in restaurants and dining. One of the best things is the convenience of food in this city. Your food can quickly be delivered to your door. 

Food delivery in the suburbs can be limited in terms of delivery services by the restaurants. Luckily, there are many food delivery services in the city, such as DoorDash, Seamless and UberEATS. After moving to NYC they all will be for your feasibility so that you can have your favorite dinner right to your door after a long busy day!

7.    Take Help with Subway Map

New York is one of the few American cities where getting around without a car is very simple, and it is the most walkable city in the US. Furthermore, taxis are available everywhere if you don’t mind paying some money.

In addition, the city’s public transportation system is extensive and efficient. The subway system is, of course, the showpiece. Because it can be a little perplexing at first, therefore, download the system map to your phone or print one out to have in your pocket. Taking public transportation will also add to your expenditures.

Wrap Up

Ultimately, NYC is not only a great city but also full of never-ending excitement and energy. It is expensive, but hopefully, you will get used to living in New York. Honestly speaking, this city is where our dreams are made, and if you plan to move to the big city, then do it now because New York is calling you!

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