How to Reduce the Cost of Your Move

reduce the cost of your move

Moving is not cheap. It might seem easy to transport pieces of furniture from point A to point B, but there are lots of variables that impact the final cost: Labor time, fuel, truck, supplies, insurance charges…The list goes on. It is understandable, that customers prefer to stay within their budget, but sometimes things do not go as they were planned. Let us discuss ways to reduce the cost of a move.

1 – Plan your move

Start looking for the moving company at least a month ahead of the actual moving date. Keep in mind, the end of month period is in high demand, therefore prices are higher. Try to schedule a move in the middle of the month. If it is technically impossible (e.g. your lease expires at the end of the month and you MUST be out of your apartment no later than the 30th), schedule the move ahead of time. You might be eligible for a discount.

2 – Reserve an elevator

If you are moving in or out of an elevator building, check with your building management. You may need to reserve an elevator for your move. Most buildings have time frames for elevator operations. This will can speed up the moving process, thus reducing the labor time. If elevators are not reserved, there is a possibility other moving crews or tenants will have to take turns to use it. This will increase the labor portion of your final bill. Discuss the elevator availability with building management and inform your sales representative. This might be crucial to choosing the time slot for your move.

3 – Pack smart

If you decide to self – pack, do it “smart”. One box may fit many things, but it does not mean all of them need to go in one box. Movers are strong and can lift pretty much anything, but a poorly packed box may be damaged during transportation. These boxes will have to be re-packed, resulting in more labor time. Here some tips to become a smart packer:


  • Use the appropriate boxes while packing your belongings. Pack linen in a linen box and your kitchenware and glassware in a dish box.
  • Use packing paper and DO NOT FORGET to label boxes containing fragile items.
  • Place heavy object first into a box.
  • Consolidate so-called “loose items” in one box. Movers have commercial bins for loose items. Using these bins will reduce the number of trips to the truck.
  • Use heavy-duty packing tape only.  

IKEA wardrobes are popular among New Yorkers. They are easy to assemble and can hold a lot of items. It is important to remember that IKEA furniture has a “single life.” It is composed of compressed wood. Once a screw penetrates the surface, it cannot be re-used. Taking these wardrobes apart and putting them back together is doable for us, whereas most moving companies refuse to even touch IKEA. It will, however, take significant amount of time and will eat up labor costs. Spending an extra $300 on a new piece of furniture might be more cost-effective. The ultimate decision is up to the customer.

5 – Have a set-up plan at the new location.

We will place your furniture as you want in your new home. Usually it is pretty simple: bed goes to the bedroom, couch goes to the living room etc. Visit your new place ahead of the move. Visualize furniture placement, the exact way your bedroom will be set up and in which corner your L-shape sleeper sofa will be placed. This will speed up the process of unloading the truck and staging your new home your way.


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