How to Estimate Your Moving Costs?

Estimate Moving Costs

A few years ago, the idea of moving locally or internationally was something that people didn’t want to even think about. Moving is not only expensive but also hectic. This is why people wanted to do their work by themselves, and they always found themselves troublesome.

But today, the increasingly competitive moving industries have enabled us to access professional movers at reasonable prices. With the proper guidance to estimate moving costs, you can not only save yourself from extra expenses, but you will also be at mental peace that your moving prices were right and justified.

Read this article to be armed with the know-how aspects of a seasoned pro when reaching out to the companies for moving estimates.

Distance Between Each Residence

If you are moving under 50 miles, opting for a local moving company would be great. These companies usually charge by the hour, including a moving truck.

If you are moving a short distance, the city still matters! If you are moving to cities with a high cost of living, such as moving to NYC or San Francisco, local companies will charge you more for moving to these cities. Labor costs, fuel, workers comp and issues will increase the prices.

On the other hand, if you move over 50 miles, your life can become easy with long-distance moving companies. When hiring cross-country movers, the cost will usually be based on your shipment weight rather than working hours to complete the job.

Long-distance mover companies contain many factors that estimate cost on a step-by-step basis. Though every move is different and long-distance, one usually involves more complex moves with a higher price point.

Home Size and Items to Move

Always remember the first rule from packing and storing tips: the more items you want to move, the more money you will have to pay. No matter if you are moving to a short distance or long distance, household items need more resources.

A short-distance move from a five-room home will take a considerable amount of time to pack and unpack your items, hence be ready for a higher cost.

If you are moving outside the country with the same items, the shipment will require mil top trucks, more labor, fuel and more time. These all factors will ultimately increase the cost.

Everyone wants to receive actual numbers and estimate moving costs from the calculator, and it is essential to have as much information as possible to avoid any hassle.

Services and Situations that Increase Moving Cost

As you know that your home size and the distance you are traveling are the two key factors affecting moving costs. However, many moving companies and situations influence your final price.

Have a look below and see if these aspects apply to your move.

Full Service

Many moving companies are ready to help you from start to finish if you want to take your hands-off approach to the move.

Going for full-service means paying for moving items and the labor work for loading and unloading items, furniture and appliances. Putting all the stuff into the truck, then driving them to the new location, unloading from the truck and then unpacking.

You must be available throughout the process if you want a complete move, and it is worth the price with short on time.

Packing Services

If you have lived in your current home for many years, then you would have no idea how many items you would have collected over the years. Luckily, local moving companies can save you from plenty of frustration and stress, and they take the job off your hands and pack everything for you.

Do remember specialty boxes like wardrobe boxes and custom-made crates are more expensive than standard boxes.

Shuttle Service

Depending on the location you live in, some restrictions may prevent you from moving the loaded truck from getting to your new house. Due to this reason, you will need a small van or truck to transport items to your home, which will involve additional charges.

Long Carry Services

The process of carrying items from your home to the truck is time-consuming. If the distance between the truck and home is longer, the moving companies will charge you extra.

Specialty Items

If you have heavy, large and bulky items such as grand pianos, pool tables, table tennis or sculpture, then don’t worry! Moving companies are experts in packing and transporting these things at an extra cost. However, not all companies offer or are not trained to handle such items. Due to this reason, you will need to find a specialist.

Stairs and Obstacles

Most moving companies contain one flight of stairs in their estimates. However, some movers may not include them in certain cities. Therefore, keep the expectation of extra fees if your moving work involves more than one flight of stairs.

Hence, before hiring any company, discuss the stair fees with your company and ensure to write them in a statement.

Slow or restricted elevators also drive up the moving time with a potential fee.

Remember that you are charged for labor; anything included in the move that slows down the process will cost you extra.


The one benefit of hiring moving companies is that they arrive at your new home with your loaded items before you can move. In some cases, your items may not fit in a new home like your old home, but these companies have contacts with warehouses to storage facilities of their own. Make sure to ask about these facilities’ rates before they are added to your bill later.


Gratitude is not a hidden fee, but it is often overlooked. Tip your movers $20 – $40 per move as it is customary. Don’t fear adjusting the number according to service quality.

Wrapping Up

We hope the article will help you move to your new house. Now you have a reliable way to calculate your overall expenses and estimate moving costs with the prices on your move size, cost per hour of packers and supplies needed.

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