How To Disassemble Furniture When Moving?

Disassembling Furniture

Moving houses is an immensely hectic job, and it takes up heaps of time and energy. While moving houses, the most significant chunk of effort and time is typically taken away by furniture disassembling and reassembling. So, if you are wondering how to disassemble furniture, we will cover everything in this post.

It is undoubtedly not something that every other individual can pull off easily. Although, you must consider doing it without the help of professional moving services if you hold any kind of professionalism in it yourself. Working independently can surely cut down on costs but add to your efforts and energy consumption.

But before you go ahead and start unscrewing furniture, we suggest you must consider the pros and cons in advance. How much will be moving cost be? How time-consuming is it going to be? Do you have the energy and time to spend? Do you have the tools to get the job done?

If the answer to everything mentioned above is no, you need a professional moving company to help you disassemble furniture and move.

It is not worth having your precious furniture fall apart before it even gets to the new place just to save a couple of dollars. It would be best to consider acquiring professional moving assistance for oversized and heavy furniture pieces instead of wasting money on complete moving company packages.

Disassembling Furniture Tips

People often choose to disassemble typical furniture independently and let professionals deal with the big and heavy appliances. Are you someone who has been planning to do the same? Here are some essential pointer tips that apply to different furniture pieces individually.

This list is meant to give you the whole picture of what you must do to disassemble standard pieces of furniture for better efficiency and productivity.

Loveseats, Sofas, and Couches

When disassembling loveseats, sofas, or couches, make sure to pile all the cushions and covers together and pack them separately in a box.

Other than this, if your furniture has detachable arm sets, legs, or any other components, separate them and box them separately. To secure these parts, ensure wrapping them in a thick plastic coating or blanket as well. These carefully considered steps can make a lot of difference in bringing efficiency and productivity to the picture.

Display Cabinets of China

One of the biggest concerns of house owners while moving houses is losing delicate furniture or home appliances to damage or misplacing. To avoid this, it is better to ensure entirely securing delicate house stuff by wrapping it into bubble wrap or packing paper.

If you have big and heavy drawers or cabinets, consider detaching its drawers and doors to be packed separately and carried safely by being packed in safety moving blankets. Also, ample cabinets and drawers must be regarded as moving separately by detaching the upper and lower parts, making moving a lot easier and far more efficient.


Moving a bed as it is can be an extremely hectic job. So consider removing all of its comforters, sheets, mattress, pillows, and box springs to be packed and moved separately. More importantly, detach any drawers attached to the bed and empty all their components separately.

As well as unscrew and pack away the headboard and sideboards of the bed to be moved separately. Not only this but detach as many detachable bed components as you can to be moved separately and make your moving experience more efficient and easier.

In the end, make sure you are securing the significant components of the furniture with moving blankets and the smaller or delicate ones with bubble wraps for extra added safety.

Tables or Desks

Other prominent and heavy things out of all the house furniture pieces are tables or desks. They cannot be moved as it is and must be broken down component by component to be moved efficiently.

Start by emptying all the drawers and packing away the stuff separately and securely. Other than this, when it comes to security, if your table or desk has any glass component, consider packing it separately with bubble wrap.

Also, if you have big and heavy tables or desks that can’t be moved singlehandedly, detach as many of their components as possible. Legs, drawers, or any other section of a desk can be unscrewed and packed securely separately with the help of moving blankets.

Wardrobe and Dresser

Dresser and wardrobe is another heavy piece of furniture that requires careful packing for better efficiency and productivity. Start by emptying all the drawers and shelves of your wardrobe or dresser. After that, detach and unscrew all the different components to be packed away and moved separately.

Not only this but remove or unscrew any drawers as well. Make sure to cover all the delicate and small things with bubble wrap or packing papers and all the more important and heavier things with moving blankets.

Why is Dissembling Necessary?

While everything mentioned above can sound highly time-consuming and hectic, it is better for stress-free and efficient moving of houses. That is why it is essential to take professional help from moving companies and save time on your hands.

Although, when it comes to disassembling, its pros can undoubtedly outweigh the cons. The advantages of disassembling include:

  • Minimum Large Furniture Pieces: By disassembling larger furniture pieces into components that can be carried away quickly, you will be saving a lot of your energy and ensuring ultimate security while moving houses.
  • Dividing Weight: It is much more difficult to carry large and heavy weights up or down the stairs while moving. So by disassembling, you can divide the weight and make the moving experience comparatively more productive.
To make your moving experience even more productive and stress-free as possible, make sure to also check out our guides on when is the best time to move and what you should pack first when moving.


If moving overwhelms you and you feel like you can’t handle everything alone, you can always put your complete trust in a professional moving company. They are well experienced and equipped to handle extensive moving projects with ease. So, worry not, let the professionals do their job.

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