How To Book the Moving Company – Top 5 Things to Consider

Book the Moving Company

Are you moving soon and need to book the moving company? With so many moving companies in the market, it might be difficult to know which one will provide you with the best service and take care of your belongings carefully.

“We will make your move book stress-free,” – is how a vast majority of moving companies start their ads. Truth be told, most of the time they really try to make it stress-free, but there are some companies out there who have absolutely no regard for the customer’s satisfaction. The charge at the end of the move is what they are after. So, how do we make sure that you’re booking with us is worth the time and most importantly money? Well, you need to know what questions to ask the company.

Here are five things to consider when you are shopping around for a moving company.

1 – Make sure the company is licensed and insured.

Anybody can rent a truck and hire manpower. These types of moves are usually cheaper. You might save some money on a cheap, unlicensed company, but consequences most likely will not be in your favor.

When you deal with licensed and insured companies, it is easier to hold them accountable should some unexpected issue pop up. Licensed moving companies follow certain rules when dealing with claims and disputes. These rules are regulated by the Department of Transportation. You can check if a company is licensed by visiting the FMCSA website and searching the company by name or the DOT/MC numbers.

2 – Research the company.

As an informed consumer, you should do some research on the company before hiring them. Remember, you are entrusting this company with your precious belongings and time! You can’t just book the moving company and expect everything to go smoothly.

There are many companies out there that might seem cheap, but they will most likely cut some corners. Therefore, before booking the moving company, check their reviews online and look for testimonials from former customers.

You can start by going on the company’s website. Check if their customer service is good, if they have positive testimonials, what insurance policies are available etc.

Make sure to check their GoogleYelp, and other platforms for reviews. Try not to be biased, read both positive and negative reviews. Yes, sometimes moving companies, even the best ones, have bad days. It is not about the mistakes made during the move; it is about how a company deals with issues.

3 – Make sure everything is set up front.

When dealing with a sales representative from a moving company, most of the communication will occur over the phone. This is when you need to ask all the necessary questions. How many men will be helping with the move? Will they provide packing materials? What about moving blankets? What time will they arrive on a moving day? What type of insurance does the company provide?

Make sure to get all of these questions answered, so there are no misunderstandings later on. Also, ask for the final estimate. Its always good to keep a checklist for any type of move.

Eventually, you will receive an e-mail from the sales representative with a quote. Always make sure that everything you discussed over the phone is put in writing (different discounts, deals, etc.) In this case, you will have some leverage should something go wrong.

There are Dos and Don’ts for any type of move and you should never book the moving company without an in-person estimate. This is when the sales representative will come to your place and see how many items you are planning on moving, what type of service or storage you need etc. It is easier to get the right price when the sales representative knows exactly what they are dealing with.

This is also your chance to ask all the questions you might have forgotten about. You might also want to ask for a list of items the company will not be moving. For example, if you have an expensive rug that is staying in the house, make sure to let the sales representative know.

4 – Request a Superstar.

When you arrive at the conclusion that a company will be best for your move, make sure to request a superstar. Even the best moving companies in the world managers will not be able to provide a great service when dealing with an unmotivated labor force.

Every company has it’s so-called “superstar(s)”. You can easily identify them from the reviews. Those are the teams that work the best. Usually, happy customers identify them by name. Try to request an “A-Team” for your move. Most likely they will not disappoint you and will perform on the highest level.

Those are the crews who usually work for the company for years. They have plenty of experience under their belt and know how to deal with any situation. They are well-behaved, trustworthy and will do their best to make sure you are happy.

After all, they want you to leave a positive review including their names, too.

5 – Ensure the compliance of the company’s insurance with building’s requirements.

If your building requires a certificate of insurance (COI), you must make sure the company’s coverage is in total compliance with those requirements. Some buildings require more coverage than a company has on its policy. If a COI is required, your mover may not be allowed on premises without one. This will create a situation when you must find a new mover on short notice and Last-minute bookings are awfully expensive. Ask the sales representative about the coverage early. The COI is provided AFTER you book the move, not before.


Choosing a moving company is a huge thing. You are entrusting your valuable belongings with strangers, people from the outside. So, you want to make sure they are professionals in what they do. It is easy to find out if a company has bad reviews and unsatisfied customers. But finding out which single company is the best one in the region for your needs may take you some time.

Finally, never book the moving company without a written estimate. That way you can always prove what you discussed with the sales representative if anything goes wrong.

When all of your questions are answered and everything is in writing – that’s when you can finally relax and trust they will take care of your belongings.

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