What is The Best Time To Move?

Best Time To Move

There are many things to consider when you’re planning to move to another place, and one of the most critical parts is that you should consider the time. You must have heard that time plays a huge role in our lives; just like that, when you’re moving, you should always be aware of the perfect time.

No need to stress out, as we have come up with the perfect solution for you. You can get all the answers and pick out the best time to move. Continue reading to make the ideal decision for yourself and move without caring about the world.

Consider the Season

Time is everything, especially when it comes to moving from one place to another, as it can be hectic when you plan it in the wrong season. Seasons can impact the whole moving process, and you wouldn’t want to be stuck in the snow in the winter season, right? So, make sure you plan to move in the right season and at the right time.

From May to August, it is always the moving season, and the prices are always high as people hire professionals more than any other season in the year. Followed by January and December, February is the cheapest month to move out of your house as the weather stays stable and steady in those three months. From the end of September to April, which could be risky for moving your furniture and many other things. To move your furniture most safely, you can also check our tips on disassembling furniture.

Prices start to go down from October as the season begins to stabilize itself, and there are lesser risks of any damage. Also, make sure to avoid moving in holidays as it is like a bonus part for the movers to charge higher than usual.

Best Time in the Month

There’s always the best date to move in every time of the month. Suppose you leased a new house and the old one expires at the end of the month, while the new one starts from the starting of the following month, which could make you want to move out at the end of the month, right? Just like that, movers increase the moving rates right at the end of the month. 

Sometimes even the short notice moving can be costly, making your budget skyrocketing, so try to inform the movers beforehand about having to move in the middle of the month. Mostly, the end and the start of the month are the peak times for the moving companies to increase their prices. However, this is not the case at Orion, as we offer our moving services at a price that does not exceed your budget.

Moreover, it would be best to look for a new property in the middle of the month, which could easily give you enough time to lease your house and plan to move in the middle of the following month. Since the start and the end of the months are usually busy for the movers, the middle of the month is strongly recommended for moving.

Best Time in a Week

There’s always an ideal day in the week to move from your old location to a new one. Usually, starting days of the week (Monday to Wednesday) are the most flexible time for moving only if you can take a day off from your work.

Besides, weekdays can be the best time to move stuff or even demand an elevator to help levitate the heavy stuff and get a proper schedule fixed for yourself. However, moving on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) can increase moving costs. Also, movers themselves have claimed that moving on weekdays is more cost-effective. Though for walk-up apartments, Sunday is your cheaper move. This is because elevator buildings don’t usually let people move in and out on weekends.

Best Time in the Day

It is good news for the early birds as it is proven that early mornings are the best time for moving. You can quickly get settled in your new place in the afternoon and evening while sleeping peacefully at night. It will allow you to have extra time to unpack and organize your bed specifically so you can get a goodnight’s sleep after a day of unpacking and settle in the new place.

Even though afternoon moves can be a lot cheaper, moving in the early morning can help bring you the best out of moving from your old place to a new home without tiring yourself. If you are concerned about packing, especially if you are in a rush, check out our guide about what to pack first

There are a lot of moving companies and professional movers who offer to move late at night or sometimes even overnight if needed, but that will just bring you a lot more trouble than there already is. It is recommended to move in the morning as moving in the daylight involves lesser risks of laborers turning into scammers.

Moving in the early morning also means you get to move in the cold and chilled environment, making the workers want to work more to keep themselves warm. So, the best time of the day to move is the early morning which lets you have a fresh start with the birds chirping around in the neighborhood.

Final Verdict

Make sure you plan to move out of your house at the best time possible, judging by the observations mentioned above. Whether you want to opt for the choices is totally up to you, but doing so will only prove your advantage and let you have the best moving experience possible.

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